Grey Dogwood


Popular with wildlife!

Over 100 bird species eat the fruits, deer forage the plant…

and the dense thicket it forms provides cover & nesting sites for a multitude of wildlife  :-)

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Native shrub

Light— sun, part shade, shade

Height— 10-15 ft (slow growth rate)

Spread— 10-15 ft

Bloom Time— May-Jun

Bloom Colour— white, green

Fragrant— yes

Fruit— white

Leaf— grayish-green

Autumn Foliage— reddish-purple

Tolerates— will adapt to drier sites… use as erosion control… deer tolerant

Native Habitat— thickets; river bank woods; wet to dry, low, open areas


Water— medium

Soil— moist

Pruning— optional… can be cut to ground if too large or woody

Pests and diseases— resistant to most


Wildlife value— berries are relished by many bird species & mammals… forage plant for white-tailed deer

Attracts— birds, butterflies
-over 100 bird species, including Northern Cardinal, Northern Flicker, & Eastern Bluebird

-larval host for Spring Azure (butterfly)

Supports Conservation Biological Control— attracts predatory or parasitoid insects that prey upon pest insects


Live plant, available for in-person purchase only

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