Juniper’s NatureScaping

Restoring endangered wildlife habitat one yard at a time

Plants collection

Native plants for your habitat

Wildlife consulting

Attracting wildlife and troubleshooting conflicts

Installation services

Recommendations for plant and housing placement

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Regional Native Plants

Midwest sourced forbs, shrubs, & trees


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Living with Local Wildlife

Woodpeckers v Starlings…

From Bats to Squirrels…

Butterflies, Bees, & Wasps– oh my!


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Your Yard

Get personalized advice on creating your own wildlife habitat


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Help wildlife!

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Juniper’s NatureScaping was founded in 2006 to counter habitat loss effecting wildlife in the Midwest… by helping people help animals at home.

Sometimes animals need extra help– if you find injured or orphaned wildlife, contact a wildlife rehabber.

Current projects

Creating wildlife habitat for endangered species throughout the Midwest

monarch butterfly caterpillar, larva, worm

Monarch Waystation creation

Monarch Butterfly

feeding and housing wildlife

little brown bat, little brown myotis, myotis lucifugus

Bat house install on International Bat Appreciation Day

Little Brown Bat

housing wildlife

red flower, hummingbird, bird

Restoration of endangered prairie wildflower

Royal Catchfly

with Ruby-throated Hummingbird

feeding wildlife

Interested in wildlife? Get involved now!

Citizen science projects help wildlife by providing valuable data

updated 4/22/21